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Halle Berry and Mark Wahlberg Embark on Espionage Adventure in ‘The Union’ Trailer for Netflix

Watch the trailer for the action-packed spy comedy on Netflix!

High school sweethearts turned secret agents, Mark Wahlberg and Halle Berry, star in Netflix’s upcoming action comedy The Union. Departing from the traditional suave James Bond archetype, Wahlberg’s character, Mike, is described as a blue-collar spy.

The film follows Roxanne (Berry), who unexpectedly reunites with her ex-boyfriend (Wahlberg) at a bar. She sweeps him off his feet only to tranquilize him and transport him from New Jersey to London.

the union
Image Credit: Netflix

When a list containing the identities of every U.S. spy is stolen, Roxanne enlists Mike, an ordinary construction worker, to help retrieve it. During a briefing with Roxanne and her boss (J.K. Simmons), Mike asks if they work for the FBI. Roxanne responds, “We work for The Union.”

Mike is soon thrust into intense training with his ex-girlfriend, sprinting across London rooftops, shooting targets, and protecting a vital briefcase while being chased across Europe. As Mike and Roxanne figure their way through this high-stakes mission, the chemistry between them becomes undeniable.

the union
Image Credit: Netflix

Remarkably, this is the first collaboration between Wahlberg and Berry, despite both having been in the acting industry for decades. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Wahlberg expresses his excitement about working with Berry.

I’ve always been a huge fan of her and an admirer of her work. Doing anything with Halle is very easy but also an absolute joy. Pretty much any guy or gal would do anything to win her over, so it was certainly easy when it came to me basically following her like a puppy.

Mark Wahlberg | via | EW

The Union is directed by Julian Farino and will premiere on Netflix on August 16.

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