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‘The Penguin’ Colin Farrell Shines in New Trailer for ‘The Batman’ Spinoff

Colin Farrell is a Gotham City Mob Boss!

Colin Farrell is spearheading the next chapter of The Batman saga at Warner Bros. The Oscar-nominated actor takes the helm in Max’s series The Penguin as Oswald Cobblepot, the newly crowned mob boss known as ‘The Penguin,’ in this eight-episode limited series.

Following on from the movie, in this new world, John Turturro’s crime kingpin Carmine Falcone has met his demise, leaving The Penguin in charge. Cobblepot served as a lieutenant under crime boss Carmine Falcone, but in the series, he takes center stage as Gotham City’s new crime leader.

the penguin
Image Credit: Max/DC

At the forefront of the second teaser is Cristin Milioti’s powerful portrayal of Sofia Falcone: “I’m the daughter of the Falcone don, but he’s dead, I refuse to let these old men push me aside again. So, I’m gonna take from them now. And I’m gonna force them to their knees.”

Farrell’s transformative portrayal of the iconic villain in The Batman garnered widespread critical acclaim, with the prosthetics rendering the actor virtually unrecognizable. Joining Farrell and Milioti in the cast are Michael Zegen, playing Carmine’s son, Alberto; and Clancy Brown, who takes on the role of Salvatore Maroni, one of Gotham’s former top gangsters.

the penguin
Image Credit: Max/DC

The series is from DC Studios, the Warner Bros. division overseen by James Gunn and Peter Safran. Both The Batman and The Penguin are regarded as separate from the wider DCU plans, existing within their own universe under the Elseworlds banner—a homage to alternate universe stories in DC Comics.

Matt Reeves is onboard as a producer, while Lauren LeFranc serves as the showrunner, and Craig Zobel takes the helm as the lead director.

The Penguin will premiere in September 2024 on Max in the US and Sky in the UK.

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