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Zhang Yimou Set to Helm A New ‘Three-Body Problem’ Movie Adaptation

Do we need another ‘3 Body Problem’ adaptation?

The sci-fi novel Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin, originally published in 2008, is being adapted into a new film. The story, which explores Earth’s interactions with extraterrestrial civilizations across multiple timelines, is the first book in the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy.

In addition to the upcoming movie, the novel has recently been adapted into a successful Netflix series created by Alexander Woo, along with Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. Fan reception and its success has led the series to be renewed for a second and third season, ensuring the complete adaptation of the trilogy.

3 body problem
Image Credit: Netflix

According to Variety, Enlight Media chairman Wang Changtian announced a new adaptation of the Three-Body Problem novel at the Shanghai International Film Festival. The film, currently in pre-production, will be directed by renowned Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou, a three-time Oscar nominee.

The eight-episode Netflix series takes viewers on a captivating journey across continents and timelines, beginning in 1960s China. Here, a young woman makes a pivotal choice that echoes through space and time to the present day. With the future of humanity at stake, a dedicated group of scientists, known as the Oxford Five, races against time to prevent catastrophic consequences and save the world.

3 Body Problem
Image Credit: Netflix

Is a new movie needed with TWO more Netflix seasons on the horizon?

The upcoming film adaptation may encounter challenges, especially since Netflix has already commissioned two additional seasons to complete the trilogy. If the movie is released around the same time, audiences might opt to continue with Netflix’s adaptation after its highly praised first season, potentially leading people to avoid any new movie.

The popularity of the show could generate significant interest in a new adaptation, but ultimately, the success of the movie will depend on its release timing and audience reception.

We will keep you informed about any further developments regarding the new movie. In the meantime, those interested in the story can watch the first season of 3 Body Problem on Netflix.

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