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First Reactions to ‘A Quiet Place: Day One’ Call it ‘Monster Carnage’ & ‘Nail-Biting’

Critics applaud the film’s transition to a grander, noisier, and more spectacle-driven style of horror.

The initial reactions to A Quiet Place: Day One are emerging on social media, generating early buzz for the eagerly anticipated horror prequel. People are describing the film as “monster carnage,” “human and raw,” and “nail-biting.

The spinoff prequel follows Sam (Lupita Nyong’o) and Eric (Joseph Quinn) as they navigate New York City at the onset of the alien invasion that permeates the Quiet Place franchise. The story, developed by the original film’s star and director John Krasinski, is brought to life by Michael Sarnoski, who wrote the screenplay and directed this installment.

A quiet place
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Critics who attended early screenings of A Quiet Place: Day One have shared their mostly positive reactions, particularly highlighting Lupita Nyong’o’s standout performance. Here are some of their responses:

Jake Hamilton of Good Day Chicago emphasizes that the prequel is “Big, loud and scary monster carnage” compared to the quieter, more intimate nature of the previous films. Despite this shift, he notes that “Nyong’o gives a heartbreaking weight to her role — and the final shot will leave you BROKEN.”

Andrew J. Salazar from DiscussingFilm views the prequel as the franchise’s strongest installment so far, stating, “A QUIET PLACE: DAY ONE might be my favorite of the series. The city setting brings new thrills and nail-biting suspense. But what truly sets this apart is Lupita Nyong’o and director Michael Sarnoski telling a poignant story about finding inner peace, even during the apocalypse.”

Early reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, signaling a promising start as the film approaches its release at the end of the week. The New York City setting is playing a big role in changing the franchise from its earlier rural vibe to a more chaotic cityscape. It’s a dramatic backdrop showing the widespread chaos and destruction caused by the alien invasion in the Quiet Place universe.

A Quiet Place: Day One will premiere in cinemas worldwide on June 28, with previews available starting June 27.

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