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Warner Bros. Still Pushing for ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Sequel Says Director

Warner Bros. are “constantly” asking Doug Liman for a sequel!

After a prolonged period in development limbo, Doug Liman provides an update on Edge of Tomorrow 2. The sequel has encountered significant hurdles during development, including shifts in writers, financial uncertainties following the mixed box office performance of the original film, and navigating the busy schedules of Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

Despite these challenges, the studio has expressed strong interest in pushing forward with the sequel. Liman has confirmed that Warner Bros. are “constantly” inquiring about its progress, indicating their eagerness to see the project come to fruition.

edge of tomorrow
Image Credit: Village Roadshow Pictures/Warner Bros.

In an interview with Total Film, Liman expressed that he considers it a compliment when fans and the studio continuously encourage him to create follow-ups to his movies.

I do think there’s probably no better compliment to a movie than people wanting for there to be a sequel. Road House – there’s call for a sequel. Edge of Tomorrow, there’s no better compliment than Warner Bros. constantly bringing up, “Will you go and make another one of these?

Doug Liman | Via | Total Film
edge of tomorrow
Image Credit: Village Roadshow Pictures/Warner Bros.

Edge of Tomorrow 2 has faced significant challenges in moving forward, primarily due to financial considerations and the busy schedules of Tom Cruise and co-star Emily Blunt. While the original film did not fail at the box office, its earnings of $370.5 million against a $178 million production budget made Warner Bros. initially cautious. Moreover, both Cruise and Blunt are highly sought-after for other projects, with Cruise’s ongoing commitment to the Mission: Impossible franchise being a major factor.

In the original film, Tom Cruise plays Maj. William Cage, an officer who finds himself thrust into a desperate situation when Earth is attacked by seemingly unbeatable aliens. Assigned to a suicide mission despite lacking combat experience, Cage is killed almost immediately. However, he discovers he’s trapped in a time loop, reliving the same deadly battle repeatedly. With each iteration, Cage’s skills improve, drawing him and his comrade, played by Emily Blunt, closer to finally defeating the alien invaders.

edge of tomorrow
Image Credit: Village Roadshow Pictures/Warner Bros.

With Warner Bros. pressing Doug Liman for the sequel and Tom Cruise recently signing a deal with Warner Bros. Discovery to develop movies and franchises, the prospect of Edge of Tomorrow 2 becoming a reality seems more promising than ever.

Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated with any forthcoming developments!

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