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‘Flight Risk’ Trailer Mark Wahlberg Takes on Role of Crazed Mob Hitman in Mel Gibson’s New Film

A bald Mark Wahlberg, mid-air mayhem, and thrilling action!

Lionsgate has unveiled the trailer for Flight Risk, an action-packed thriller directed by Mel Gibson and starring Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg a seemingly ordinary pilot of a single-propeller is harboring a dangerous secret.

The trailer, released on Thursday, introduces Wahlberg as a wilderness pilot who morphs into a psychotic hitman. He’s been hired to transport a U.S. Marshal, played by Michelle Dockery, and a key witness portrayed by Topher Grace, who are en route to testify against the notorious Moretti crime family.

flight risk
Image Credit: Lionsgate

Following a struggle at 10,000 feet, Dockery successfully subdues and handcuffs the pilot, but now she faces the challenge of keeping the plane in the air. Desperate for assistance, she begs, “Tell me how to fly this thing, or we will die out here.”

The official logline for the film reads: “A pilot (Wahlberg) transporting an Air Marshal (Dockery) accompanying a fugitive (Grace) to trial. As they cross the Alaskan wilderness, tensions soar and trust is tested, as not everyone on board is who they seem.”

flight risk
Image Credit: Lionsgate

Flight Risk looks packed with thrilling aerial sequences that give it a vibe similar to the 90s hit Con Air. It’s also Mel Gibson’s first time directing since 2016’s Hacksaw Ridge. Even though Gibson and Mark Wahlberg have acted together in Daddy’s Home 2 and Father Stu, this is the first time Gibson is directing Wahlberg.

The trailer has a fun tongue-in-cheek vibe featuring a slowed-down cover of the Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer.” This movie could potentially be a fresh start for Mark Wahlberg, who’s had some rough reviews lately.

Flight Risk will crash into theaters October 18.

Watch the trailer for ‘Flight Risk’

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