Idris Elba Faces Off Against the King of the Jungle in ‘Beast’ Now on Netflix UK

Idris Elba’s family safari goes wrong!

Idris Elba doesn’t just face off against a berserk African lion in this film about a safari-gone-wrong—he shows that king of the jungle who’s really in charge in Beast, now available on Netflix UK from today.

As wild as the storyline may sound, it’s actually a whimsically and skillfully crafted movie about a man engaging in fisticuffs with a large feline. It’s packed with escalating tension, frantic scenes and plenty of running and screaming!

Image Credit: Will Packer Productions/Universal Pictures

With the adrenaline-pumping tradition of Jaws and Anaconda, Beast stars Idris Elba as Nate Samuels, a rugged yet vulnerable single father striving to rebuild his bond with his two daughters and Sharlto Copley plays Martin, Nate’s South African friend and host.

Accompanied by his two emotionally distant teenage children, the family take a trip to his late estranged wife’s South African homeland, imagining the trip as a bonding experience and perhaps a way to patch things up after a tough year.

Image Credit: Will Packer Productions/Universal Pictures

Of course, things don’t go as planned when poachers attack a lion pride, triggering a male lion’s quest for bloody revenge. It sets up a classic genre scenario: a “rogue lion,” as Copley’s character calls it, seeking vengeance, paralleling Elba’s father figure protecting his own clan.

Beast is a throwback to old-school B-movie creature features, enhanced with modern CGI. While its plot is as predictable as they come, the film delivers on being a fun, lighthearted romp—a well-crafted, slightly absurd tale of a man taking on a formidable feline….and yes he straight up punches it in the face!

Beast can now be streamed on Netflix in the UK, while US viewers can catch it on STARZ.

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