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Jamie Campbell Bower Describes ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 as “Completely Insane”

Vecna actor says season 5 will be wild!

Jamie Campbell Bower, known for his role as the main antagonist Vecna in Stranger Things, has hinted that season 5 will be the most intense and thrilling yet. Filming for this highly anticipated season began in January, and production is ongoing for the final eight episodes of the beloved Netflix series.

The new season will continue from the dramatic conclusion of season 4, delving into the aftermath of the Upside Down infiltrating Hawkins, Indiana, as the group faces their ultimate challenge in their bid to defeat Vecna once and for all.

stranger things
Image Credit: Netflix

In an interview with iHeart’s podcast “I’ve Never Said This Before with Tommy DiDario” (as reported by The Hollywood Reporter), Jamie Campbell Bower emphasized just how intense and unpredictable the remaining episodes are going to be.

If you thought last season was nuts, this season is just out of control, wild, like, it’s bonkers. It really, really is. It’s bigger. It’s just completely insane. It’s completely insane.

Jamie Campbell Bower | Via | iHeart Podcast

The actor revealed that while he found the events of the previous season straightforward, this time around he’s finding it challenging to keep up with the unpredictable twists and turns. Hinting that season 5 will tackle the fallout from the Upside Down merging with reality, with the storyline potentially spiraling into a wild and unpredictable territory.

stranger things
Image Credit: Netflix

Bower acknowledged that although they have filmed a significant portion of Stranger Things season five since starting production in January, much work remains. As a result, fans will likely have to wait a bit longer before they can embark on the “insane” journey into The Upside Down.

We’ll keep you updated with any further developments on Stranger Things Season 5.

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