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Matt Damon & Casey Affleck Are Robbers on the Run in Doug Liman’s Heist Movie ‘The Instigators’

The Instigators reunites Matt Damon & Doug Liman for the first time in 20 years!

Apple TV+ has unveiled the first trailer for The Instigators, a new action comedy directed by Doug Liman, featuring Matt Damon and Casey Affleck.

Set in Boston, the film revolves around Rory (Damon), a struggling father who reluctantly partners with ex-con Cobby (Affleck) to rob a corrupt politician. However, their heist spirals out of control, forcing them to flee from not just the police but also shady officials and dangerous crime bosses. Along the way, they persuade Rory’s therapist, played by Hong Chau, to assist in their escape.

the instigators
Image Credit: Apple Original Films/Artist Equity

The official synopsis reads, Matt Damon stars as Rory, a desperate father who reluctantly joins forces with Cobby (Affleck), an ex-con, to pull off a robbery of the ill-gained earnings of a corrupt politician. When things go to hell, the pair find themselves engulfed in a whirlwind of chaos, pursued not only by the police but also backward bureaucrats and vengeful crime bosses.

Directed by Liman, the film features a script co-written by Casey Affleck and Chuck MacLean. The production team includes Ben Affleck & Damon who have produced the film under their Artist Equity production banner.

the instigators
Image Credit: Apple Original Films/Artist Equity

The film reunites Damon with director Liman for the first time since The Bourne Identity. Speaking to EW Damon can’t believe it’s taken 20 years to re-team with him, saying:

 I absolutely love working with Doug. I can’t believe it took us 20 years to find something else to do together. Doug is one of the most creatively tenacious people I’ve ever met. He just won’t stop until the movie is as good as it can be, and that is the best possible thing you can feel from a director. I trust him completely.

Matt Damon on Doug Liman | Via EW

It is believed that the The Instigators will not have a theatrical release, before making its streaming debut on Apple TV+ on August 9.

Watch the trailer for ‘The Instigators’

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