Showrunners Tease Lucy’s ‘Fallout’ Season 2 Journey and Wasteland Evolution

Lucy’s optimism may take a hit in season 2!

Season one of Amazon Prime’s Fallout follows Vault Dweller Lucy (Ella Purnell) as she leaves Vault 33 and ventures into the unknown wastelands in search of her father. With a chirpy attitude and an upbeat catchphrase ‘okie dokie’, she had no idea what she was walking into.

Now Fallout showrunners Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet have hinted at how Ella Purnell’s character, will face challenges that test her resolve and transform her happy, optimistic demeanor as she progresses through season 2.

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In the final episode of season 1, shocking revelations about her parents set Lucy on a new path into the Wasteland, where she teams up with an unlikely ally in Walton Goggins‘ The Ghoul. Season 2 is in early development and speaking to Awards Daily the showrunners teased that Lucy would faced much greater challenges.

Another thing we can say is location is a very central idea to our show. That we are made by the world we come from. Lucy doesn’t spend that much time on the surface in season 1, and she has been transformed by the little time she’s been up there. But she’s going to get further and further from home in this next season and I think that raises all sorts of interesting questions for her about if she can remain the person she was when she was home in that culture, or will she be transformed by the Wasteland.

Geneva Robertson-Dworet ‘Fallout’ Showrunner
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Will Fallout: New Vegas be adapted?

Fallout is adapted from a series of videogames set in a post-apocalyptic alternate history in a world ravaged by nuclear war. The main storyline typically revolves around the protagonist, often referred to as the “Vault Dweller” who navigates the wasteland and encounters various factions, mutated creatures, and other survivors.

The show creators hinted at a desire to explore the game Fallout: New Vegas. When asked if Hank’s hinted destination in season one aligns with this, they suggested it might be something they’re working on.

Hard to answer without spoilers, but needless to say there is plenty we want to explore. It is a really brilliant game, very funny in places which we are very drawn to.

It is one of the darker ones in my view as well. What we can say is time has gone by since the events of New Vegas. That is the closest we can get without getting into spoilers.

Geneva Robertson-Dworet & GrahamWagner ‘Fallout’ Showrunners
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Lucy has already shown so much endurance in what she has faced and during her brief journey with The Ghoul in Fallout season 1, Lucy unwillingly endured many harsh lessons on tracking beasts, trading for supplies, and surviving the wasteland. Despite the challenges, she persevered through it all, time will tell how season two take its toll on her.

All episodes of Fallout season one are now streaming on Amazon Prime. Stay tuned for updates on developments for season two.

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