Critics Are Calling ‘Longlegs’ Starring Nicolas Cage ‘True Horror’ and a ‘Sensory Cinematic Horror Experience’ Ahead of This Week’s Release

‘Longlegs’ will haunt your nightmares!

Amid a challenging time for the horror genre, marked by several commercial disappointments and doubts about its enduring appeal, the upcoming release of the nightmarish thriller Longlegs offers a beacon of hope. With some even likening it to classics like The Silence of the Lambs.

Neon’s highly anticipated horror thriller, Longlegs, starring Nicolas Cage as an unstable rural dollmaker and Maika Monroe as a young FBI agent, had its red carpet premiere at the iconic Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles, California, on Tuesday. The event drew significant attention from both fans and critics. Critics are praising Longlegs as “true horror” that delivers a “sensory cinematic horror experience”, adding to the excitement building for its release this Friday, July 12.

Image Credit: Neon

The film follows FBI agent Lee Harker (Monroe) as she tackles an unsolved serial killer case that has been haunting her small Pacific Northwest town for decades. As she delves deeper, the investigation takes a chilling supernatural turn when she discovers a personal connection to the occult killer.

Harker, a socially awkward FBI agent with an uncanny gut instinct, goes on the hunt for the killer who leaves behind only coded letters ending with the word “Longlegs.” A tense cat-and-mouse game unfolds as Lee races against time to uncover Longlegs’ motives and methods before he strikes again.

Image Credit: Neon

Critics are hailing Longlegs as a true horror film. Peter Debruge of Variety describes it as a movie that can “hijack your subconscious,” adding, “Less than 12 hours after seeing it, the demented Nicolas Cage character resurfaced in my nightmares.”

Empire magazine’s 4-star review by Sophie Butcher describes Longlegs as a sensory cinematic horror experience, she writes, “A chilling concoction, featuring a remarkable transformation of Nicolas Cage and a reminder of Maika Monroe’s star quality. Submit to its demonic darkness for a singular, sensory cinematic horror experience.”

Longlegs, written and directed by Oz Perkins, is set for a worldwide cinema release on Friday, July 12th.

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