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‘We Live In Time’ Trailer: Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh Star in Epic Romantic Drama

The comedy-drama promises laughter, tears, and a heartfelt journey!

Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions with the debut trailer of We Live In Time, starring Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield. This decade-spanning comedy-drama promises laughter, tears, and a heartfelt journey through the ups and downs of love—an epic romance that looks as sweet and funny as well as deeply emotional.

The film centers on Almut (Pugh), a promising chef, and Tobias (Garfield), a recent divorcee. Their paths collide in an unexpected encounter when Almut accidentally hits Tobias with her car. This serendipitous meeting sparks a deep and evolving love story that unfolds over a decade, weaving together themes of culinary passion, family dynamics, and the profound challenges they face, including what looks like cancer.

we live in time
Image Credit: A24/StudioCanal

We Live In Time, directed by John Crowley from a script by Nick Payne, is executive produced by Benedict Cumberbatch through his company SunnyMarch. The film is scheduled to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and will be distributed in the UK by StudioCanal. At the Cannes Film Festival in 2023, StudioCanal sold the movie to A24 for distribution in the United States.

The official synopsis for the film reads, “Almut and Tobias are brought together in a surprise encounter that changes their lives. Through snapshots of their life together — falling for each other, building a home, becoming a family — a difficult truth is revealed that rocks its foundation. As they embark on a path challenged by the limits of time, they learn to cherish each moment of the unconventional route their love story has taken, in filmmaker John Crowley’s decade-spanning, deeply moving romance.”

we live in time
Image Credit: A24/StudioCanal

The trailer sees a battered and bruised Tobias ask Almut, “Sorry, but do we know each other yet?” from a hospital bed, to which she bashfully responds, “Oh, no, I ran you over. Sorry.” This marks the beginning of a decade-long romance for the pair, before the trailer montages clips of their blossoming love, parenthood, and health struggles.

We Live In Time is scheduled for release in the US on October 11. The UK release date is yet to be confirmed; we will update as soon as it becomes available.

Watch the trailer for ‘We Live In Time’

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