‘Experience the Force of Nature’ in Final ‘Twisters’ trailer As Film Receives Positive First Reactions

We can ‘Experience the Force of Nature’ in theaters from next week!

Warner Bros. has unveiled the final trailer for Twisters, billed as a ‘Close of Sale’ trailer. The new trailer for this modern-day sequel to the 1996 blockbuster Twister comes with the tagline ‘Experience the Force of Nature,’ as this new look delves into the power and devastation that Glen Powell and co. confront in the new film.

The 1996 blockbuster disaster film Twister made a significant impact at the box office, grossing nearly $500 million. The story follows storm chasers Jo (Helen Hunt) and Bill Harding (Bill Paxton) as they track tornadoes across the Midwest. Twisters stars Glen Powell as a ‘tornado wrangler’ and Daisy Edgar-Jones as a scientist, the film is described as a standalone sequel to the original hit.

Image Credit: Warner Bros./Amblin Entertainment

Next week, Twisters will hit cinemas, and the first reactions for the sequel to the ’90s classic are in. Following its European premiere last night (July 8) at London’s Leicester Square, early viewers of the disaster flick have started sharing their initial impressions on Twitter.

Emily Murray of Total Film has gone so far as to declare it better than the 1996 original, while film critic Scott J. Davis hails it as his favorite film of the summer.

In Twisters, the story unfolds with the relentless challenges faced by storm chasers Glen Powell and Daisy Edgar-Jones, who confront not one, but two tornadoes. These tornadoes converge into a single, terrifying mega-storm of unprecedented scale and destruction, labeled as a once-in-a-generation event.

Edgar-Jones plays scientist Kate Cooper, a former storm chaser who now studies storms from a New York lab following a tragic encounter with a tornado. Her return to the field is prompted by her friend and colleague Javi (Anthony Ramos), who has developed an innovative tracking system that requires field testing.

Image Credit: Warner Bros./Amblin Entertainment

During their expedition, they cross paths with Tyler Owens, played by Powell, a social media sensation and adept storm chaser who is currently riding a wave of success. As they journey on, the team experiences an unprecedented meteorological phenomenon: multiple storm systems converging over central Oklahoma, presenting a spectacle never witnessed before.

Alongside Edgar-Jones & Powell the film also stars, Kiernan ShipkaDavid CorenswetSasha LaneMaura TierneyKaty O’BrianBrandon PereaHarry Hadden-PatonDaryl McCormackNik Dodani and Tunde Adebimpe.

Twisters will premiere in UK cinemas on July 17 and in US cinemas on July 19.

Watch the final trailer for ‘Twisters’

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