Nicolas Cage Shares Latest on Spider-Man ‘Noir’ Series as Oscar Nominee Joins Cast

Nicolas Cage is set to star in his first TV series!

Nicolas Cage has previously expressed a desire to transition from movies to television, and he has not idled on that ambition. He is now set to star in his first TV series, headlining Amazon MGM Studios live-action ‘Spider-Man Noir’ series, now officially titled Spider-Noir.

Cage is set to play the titular alternate version of the iconic web-slinger, a role he originally voiced in the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Recently, Cage shared additional details about this exciting new project, signaling his venture into this uncharted territory in his illustrious career.

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In an interview with The New Yorker, Cage revealed his aspiration to infuse a golden age aura into the 1930s-based Spider-Noir series.

I mean, the fantasy would be that I could try to aspire to be something more Golden Age, I wanted to have that kind of aura, you know, like the more enigmatic, you don’t know too much. That’s why I’m not on social media. That’s the thinking, anyway. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens if I do [Spider-Man Noir], and they put me in black-and-white. We’ll see if we can get some of that flavor.

Nicolas Cage | Via | The New Yorker

Cage’s portrayal of Spider-Man, originally introduced in Into the Spider-Verse, hails from an alternate universe that celebrates the noir filmmaking style of the 1930s. This character made his debut in Marvel’s Noir comic book series in 2009 and has since become a beloved part of the Spider-Man universe.

Image Credit: Marvel

Oscar Nominee Brendan Gleeson Joins Cast

Just hours after the announcement of Lamorne Morris joining the cast of the upcoming Spider-Noir television series, Variety reports that Brendan Gleeson will also appear in the MGM+ and Prime Video production. While there is speculation that Gleeson might play the series’ antagonist, this has yet to be confirmed by the studio.

Brendan Gleeson is sure to inject a wealth of talent into Spider-Noir, serving as a formidable adversary to Nicolas Cage’s iconic titular hero. Set against the backdrop of 1930s New York, be prepared for Cage’s portrayal of Peter Parker to offer a refreshing departure from the typical teenage web-slinger we know.

Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated with any forthcoming developments for Spider-Noir.

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