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‘McGregor Forever’ Review Surprisingly Intimate Look At Conor’s Career & Family

For the First Time We See Another Side to McGregor as a Family Man & the Tribulations of the Latter Part of His Career.

Netflix’s new 4 part docuseries McGregor Forever gives fans, for the first time an intimate look at Conor as a family man. After 2017’s Notorious was mostly focused on the Irishman’s rise to the top of the UFC as he became a two belt holder making history.

The first episode starts with McGregor in a hospital bed after he broke his leg against Dustin Poirier in July 2021. As he explains his fears in the moment the scene cuts to a slow-mo of his leg crumbling underneath him, not shying away from its brutality.

McGregor forever

We then get to see a really sweet moment as he plays with his infant son, the two of them ‘train’ as his baby son hits a tiny punch bag, does pull ups and then goes for a ride in the smallest Lamborghini you will ever see. You can see love absolutely bursting from Conor in what is beautiful father/son moment.

As the family gather for a gender reveal for the couples second child, this is a real intimate moment of joy. Rarely do athletes give such access and you can see the McGregor’s have a strong family unit and support network.


The documentary does not shy away from McGregors lowest moments, including his time in court after he attacked Khabib Nurmagomedov and his team, smashing their bus. He plead guilty to a single count of disorderly conduct and was sentenced to community service.

As tempers boil over the focus turns to the huge match against Khabib and we see his preparations, which were not smooth in the slightest. Injuries including a dislocated toe just three weeks out, he becomes emotional with frustration, as we watch his toe be wrenched back into place.

Even his trainer criticized his attitude that he was beating up his sparring partners instead of learning from them. Culminating with a teary-eyed McGregor coming to terms with the defeat.

McGregor forever

McGregor Forever offers a raw and authentic portrayal of one of the world’s biggest combat stars, the UFC would not have been the same without him.

Sports documentaries usually climax with the subject achieving their finest victory and it’s a shame we do not get to witness McGregor comeback to the octagon. But the fact McGregor conquered his recovery from a most awful leg break can’t be overlooked.

You can stream all 4 episodes of McGregor Forever on Netflix.

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