‘APXGP’ Everything from the Fictional F1 Team as Brad Pitt & Apple TV film at the British GP

We take a look at APXGP’s appearance at Silverstone.

Brad Pitt took to the track in-between practice periods in his modified F2 car to film scenes for his untitled F1 Movie at the British GP at Silverstone. He admits the experience of driving on track in front of a full crowd was “the time of his life” and had left him feeling “giddy” he also admitted it was a humbling experience and that he has gained a new respect for F1 drivers as he beamed in an interview with Sky Sports.

He also revealed minor plot details. Pitt explains that his character is a driver who would have raced in his prime in the 90s’, but retired from F1 after a horrible crash, but goes on to race in other events.

Sky Sports/Apple TV/F1

He also revealed Javier Bardem will play ‘APXGP’s’ team owner, they are the worst team in F1. They haven’t scored a single point, with their cars running in last place 21 & 22. They will have a rookie driver played by Damson Idris & Pitts character will be brought back to help the team, in what he describes as a “Hail Mary.”

Pitt has expressed that this will be an authentic portrayal of the sport, Apple TV have 7 time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton on as a producer. Lewis has revealed that he is advising on the script ensuring authenticity, that the cast & crew are diverse, as well as spending time with actors to increase their knowledge and driving skill.

What are the Cars Like?


These are real cars built from the chassis of F2 models, they are modified with F1 front & rear wings and with help from Mercedes they have made the cars look as close to a current F1 model as possible. They also have fully authentic garages that record and display data & telemetry.

The two cars as well as the APXGP ‘crew’ appeared on the F1 grid at the back prior to the formulation lap to take advantage of the pre-race build up. They did not however take part in the formation lap and Brad Pitt certainly didn’t lead the cars into turn one despite the many rumours beforehand.

Sky Sports/Apple TV/F1

What’s the Reaction from F1 Drivers?

Pitt did attend the drivers briefing on Friday night, much to the delight of the F1 driving elite with Lewis Hamilton describing it as “probably the best drivers’ briefing we’ve ever had.” He also confirmed his excitement saying.

“It’s massively exciting to see it all coming together and to know that we’re finally starting to film this weekend there are nerves, naturally, because it’s something we’ve been working on for so long, and we want everyone to love it and to really feel that we encapsulate what the essence of this sport is all about. That’s our goal and I hope we can do you proud.”

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc was suitably impressed saying, “It was just a really nice approach, they really understand that we have got a job to do which is to drive on track and they’ve got a job to do and don’t want to be in the middle of the way which is great.”

Will Lewis Hamilton Act in the Film?

Lewis Hamilton has had some acting experience having provided voice-over for his character in Cars 2. He also missed the opportunity to star in Top Gun Maverick as one of Tom Cruise’s trainee pilots. Cruise offered him the part but he was unable to make the schedule, with him needing crucial points on his way to becoming F1 champion. He has stated that if Top Gun 3 was to ever come up he would not miss that opportunity again.

However he will not have a role in this F1 movie & if he does appear it will only be a cameo, explaining “No, not really, I don’t really have any desire to be in front of the camera, but there may be an element in it where maybe I’ll slot in and play a small cameo, but at the moment that’s not the plan.” He continued that he would need more time and practice if he was to participate on camera, so that he doesn’t “suck”.

When is the Release Date?

Day one of filming was only yesterday so there is no clear release date, it’s expected that the movie will be ready towards the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025.

With regards to the platform, Apple TV as they are doing with upcoming titles Killers of the Flower Moon & Argylle are expected to give this a theatrical release prior to streaming, the current knowledge is that it will run in cinemas for 30 days before being released on their streaming platform.

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