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‘Criminal Record’ Review Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo In Excellent Dirty Cop Drama

Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo clash in this gripping corrupt cop drama, we review the first two episodes now streaming on Apple TV.

Apple TV+ premiered the first two episodes of their new show Criminal Record yesterday and it’s off to an intriguing start. Starring Peter Capaldi, the series opens with Capaldi’s DCI Daniel Hegarty moonlighting as a chauffeur. While carrying two obnoxious passengers through the streets of London Hegarty recalls some of his old detective tales to his over inquisitive passengers.

Elsewhere in London we see a young woman frantically make a 999 emergency call from a public telephone. This unfolds the storyline that’s central to the series, as she desperately explains to the operator her boyfriend has threatened her life and that he openly admits to murdering his ex-girlfriend. She continues in panic that he is now going to do the same to her. The mystery woman also explains another man is serving a 24 year sentence for that particular murder. The operator then urgently tries to gather information such as names and places, but the woman is uncooperative and after being spooked she drops the call and runs.

criminal record
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We are then introduced to DS June Lenker played by Cush Jumbo, who is asked to review the recording of the call, the operator encourages Lenker to pursue the incident. Following the breadcrumbs Lenker identifies the prisoner, a man named Errol Mathis, who is potentially serving a sentence for a murder he didn’t commit. She also discovers the team that led the investigation over a decade ago and the officer in charge…DCI Daniel Hegarty.

This lands her in Hegarty’s office and upon her revelations she is met with a frosty, stand-offish attitude. DCI Daniel Hegarty is a well know old school figure in London’s police force and he uses his influence to undermine her at every turn.

criminal record
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Undeterred and motivated by Hegarty’s refusal to revisit the past, Lenker continues to investigate the case and even in just these first two episodes we are all ready seeing an excellent squaring off between the two. Capaldi is excellent as the cold and menacing Hegarty, he appears at every incident that Lenker is involved in, lingering and watching on as an intimidating presence. Jumbo’s performance is equally as strong and this is setting up what looks to be an excellent rookie-vs-veteran showdown.

During the first two episodes racism and sexism is apparent, perhaps hinting at Hegarty’s disposition but whether that has effected his judgements when investigating the case 10 years prior remains to be seen. His remarks about Errol Mathis being a “poor man’s O.J.” gives us a glimpse of his character. These remarks leave Lenker appalled and she is determined to see what he is hiding. But the mere fact that a young black woman is challenging him and that she may leave a stain on his legacy looks to be a factor as he shuts her down at every opportunity.

criminal record
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The first two episodes are an excellent introduction to the lead characters and is very much carried by the excellent acting performances from Capaldi & Jumbo. It’s an atmospheric, stylish show set on the mean streets of London with a superb story and I can’t wait for the rest of it to unfold!

Criminal Record is now available on Apple TV+ with the first two episodes now streaming, the following six will air weekly, we will do a full season review and rating upon its conclusion, but for now it’s a great start, 4 stars!

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