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Dead Ringers Review

Rachel Weisz Delivers a Powerful Emmy Worthy Performance…Twice!

Amazons Dead Ringers is a rework of David Cronenberg’s 80’s movie in which Jeremy Irons played the lead roles of the twins. Rachel Weisz takes over as the gynaecologist Mantle twins. Both have a desire to start a high tech birthing center to help woman take back control of their bodies and to open a lab that pushes the boundaries of the law when it comes to fertility science.

Rachel Weisz throws herself into both these roles the chilling Elliot, confident, smart with a broken moral compass and far more dangerous than her warmer, quieter, more controlled sister Beverly. Beverly cares more for patients, wants to provide a safe space. Elliot is more science driven with wild dreams for what is possible for the future of bespoke babies.

The sisters regularly swap identities with various motives one of which Elliot confidently offers to “Get” Beverly’s love interest for her when she is unsure of herself.

In the 2nd Episode the pair seek funding for their project, from god awful Sackler like capitalist financers. One of which even boasts about the opioid crisis and how they created a great drug.

This episode is where the sisters differences become more apparent. Elliot brash and confident even using her inhibited sexuality to get what she wants. Beverly is not so concerned with profits and more about how they can take women’s health into a new era.

At the midway point Beverly’s new relationship with an actress called Genevieve (Britne Oldford) rattles the connection of the pair with Elliot asking if she’s bored of her new lover and will she let her find someone new.

One night when Beverly doesn’t return home, is where Elliot really becomes unhinged seeking drugs, alcohol and sex and even gets herself in a situation where she’s utterly panicked questioning what is real.

Dead Ringers shows a realistic version of maternity wards and child birth, there is even a warning at the beginning of episode one. Even that doesn’t prepare you for birthing scenes they are graphic and even include a still birth. These are some of the most realistic birth scenes on film in mainstream media.

The show gradually builds menace, with a consistent tone and good tension throughout, but most of all Rachel Weisz knocks it out of the park, her performance is doubled up…literally, superb.

All 6 Episodes are available to watch on Amazon Prime.

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