Ghosted Review

Apple Tv’s Action Rom Com Is Pretty To Look At With Good Action But Doesn’t Quite Hit.

Cole (Chris Evans), a farmer, slightly awkward but charming, meets the beautiful but defensive art curator Sadie (Ana de Armas).

They hit it off after spending a day and night together, smitten Cole is then ghosted. Cole finds out Sadie is in London, he decides to make a big romantic gesture, following her only to realise she is not who he thought and chaos ensues.

If Hollywood has taught us anything it’s to never follow a beautiful woman across the world, it’s 50/50 she’s an international super spy that will drag you into saving the world from a criminal gang that wants to blow up the world.

Most enjoyable is the action with plenty of country hopping, car chases, vehicle explosions, assassinations and some hilarious cameos. Cole and Sadie’s relationship flicks between love and hate depending on Coles current level of fear for his mortality and body parts. Chemistry is good between Chris Evans and Ana de Armas as you would expect from their previous work in Knives Out and there is some fun banter between the pair whilst on the run.

Whilst many still see Evans as Captain America he does very well in the slightly awkward goofy roll of her out of depth boyfriend. Mostly when Ana de Armas is throwing him around, jumping and shooting around him as she protects him, all the while he is completely useless with particularly bad aim and a quite unbelievable desire to not leave his suitcase behind.

Ana de Armas makes a fantastic action hero, she is convincing whilst taking down big men in some intense fight scenes and it’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing her do more of.

Ghosted is an enjoyable switch your brain off action rom com, well made, Dexter Fletcher does a solid job. It’s a rinse and repeat save the world plot, there’s some cheesy dialogue and a hilarious accent from Adrien Brody. It doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not and it is exactly what I expected it to be.

Ghosted is available on Apple TV.

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