Expendables 4

‘Expendables 4’ Trailer Megan Fox Beats Up Jason Statham

Franchise veterans Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham & Dolph Lundgren return.

There seems to be no stopping Sylvester Stallone at 76, he is still pumping out action flicks. As he and franchise regulars return in Expendables 4, along with new cast members Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson & Megan Fox.

The first official trailer for the fourth installment has been released after a nine-year hiatus for the film series, it’s set to release on September 22.

expendables 4

In the trailer, we see Megan Fox come face to face with Jason Statham’s character Lee Christmas, it’s clear the two have a history, a steamy fight ensues, as she joins the Expendables squad for their latest mission.

The team of newcomers also includes 50 Cent. Along side the old timers they continue the theme of guns, explosions & plenty of violence.

You can watch the trailer for Expendables 4 below. It will be released September 22.

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