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Jessica Alba Seeks Revenge in First Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Trigger Warning’

Jessica Alba is a Special Forces Commando in ‘Trigger Warning!’

Jessica Alba is making a comeback as an action star when she graces our screens in her new film, Trigger Warning. She plays a special forces commando seeking to uncover the truth behind her father’s mysterious death, which is connected to a violent gang.

The first trailer gives us our best look at the film yet, shedding light on Parker’s (Alba) struggle against corruption. She returns home and discovers unsettling connections between a corrupt senator and a group of complicit police officers, potentially linked to her father’s death.

trigger warning
Image Credit: Netflix

Trigger Warning appears to have far more potential than Jessica Alba’s last action film, the disastrous Killers Anonymous. Alba will be hoping for a career relaunch with Netflix, similar to what Jennifer Lopez has achieved with her various action movies for the streaming giant.

The Netflix synopsis reads, Special Forces commando Parker (Alba) is on active duty overseas when she gets called back to her hometown with the tragic news that her father has suddenly died. Now the owner of the family bar, Parker reconnects with her former boyfriend turned sheriff Jesse (Mark Webber), his hot-tempered brother Elvis (Jake Weary), and their powerful father Senator Swann (Anthony Michael Hall) as she looks to understand what actually happened to her dad. 

trigger warning
Image Credit: Netflix

While speaking to Netflix’s Tudum, Alba discusses her return to action roles, stating, “I haven’t really done hand-to-hand combat and intense action in such a long time,” She further elaborates on her approach to the film’s fight choreography, revealing, “For me, I really wanted it to be a more intimate kind of fighting experience if I needed to take somebody out.” 

Directed by Mouly Surya, she explains her connection to the film, stating, “I think one of the things that attracted me is there’s loss in this film,” Surya says. “And I really connected with that grief of losing… my father a few years before.” 

Trigger Warning lands on Netflix on June 21.

Watch the trailer for ‘Trigger Warning’

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