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‘Rebel Moon’ Trailer Zack Snyder’s Sci-Fi Epic Is Star Wars On Steroids

Zack Snyder’s stylish space epic!

Rebel Moon was in fact originally pitched to Disney as a Stars Wars film, following its rejection and many years later, it has been re-imagined into a Star Wars-meets-Dune violent, sweary, sex filled space epic that will offer two parts, Part One: A Child of Fire & Part Two: The Scargiver.

In the distant reaches of a galaxy, a tranquil colony teeters on the brink of peril as it faces the onslaught of a tyrannical military might. Amidst the villagers, a mysterious enigma named Kora (Sofia Boutella) emerges.

rebel moon

She is their most promising chance at outlasting the threat. Taking on a daunting mission to gather seasoned combatants willing to join her in a formidable stance against the Mother World, Kora marshals a cadre of fighters, comprising of outcasts & rebels as they’re united by their shared yearning for retribution and redemption.

Ed Skrein’s Admiral Noble is the main antagonist and enforcer for the dictatorship that is the Mother World and he is the embodiment of a Nazi General in nature and dress sense.

rebel moon

In an interview with IGN Zack Snyder describes the film as a “straightforward, good versus evil, few against many.” Saying, “It’s also very much clear with its morality, who’s good and who’s bad. We don’t do a lot of the Imperium is misunderstood.”

Fast-forwarding to the contemporary era, it’s evident that space opera has now predominantly found its place on the small screen. This shift can be attributed to the Disney+ lineup of Star Wars derivatives and revisitations. While the assurance of further cinematic installments in the Star Wars universe remains, it’s on television that the genre seems to be flourishing, so it is perhaps fitting, then that Rebel Moon will debut on Netflix, despite its blockbuster stylings.

Watch the Rebel Moon Trailer

Part One: A Child of Fire will be available on Netflix December 22 & Part Two: The Scargiver will be available April 19, 2024.

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