Russell Crowe Stars As Hermann Göring In James Vanderbilt’s Nazi Thriller ‘Nuremberg’

Rami Malek plays Lt. Col. Douglas Kelley the first Allied psychiatrist to assess prominent Nazi leaders.

An almost unrecognizable Russell Crowe sits in the dock as the second most powerful man next to Hitler in the upcoming film Nuremberg, directed by James Vanderbilt. It centers on Lt. Col. Douglas Kelley (played by Rami Malek) and his post-World War II encounters with high-ranking Nazi officials during the Nuremberg Trials.

Adapted from Jack El-Hai’s book The Nazi and the Psychiatrist, Nuremberg recounts Kelley’s compelling interactions with a cohort of Nazi criminals prosecuted at the war’s conclusion. In addition to figures like Göring, Kelley was the first Allied psychiatrist to assess prominent Nazi leaders such as Robert Ley, Rudolf Hess, Julius Streicher, and Karl Dönitz.

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The Nuremberg Trials, held between 1945 and 1946, marked a significant moment in international law and justice. The trials established legal principles, including the concept of individual accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity, by holding prominent Nazi leaders accountable for their roles in planning, executing, and enabling atrocities committed during World War II.

Some critics argue that the trials were selective in their prosecution, focusing primarily on high-ranking Nazi officials while overlooking atrocities committed by other parties. Additionally, the trials employed controversial methods, including the use of evidence obtained through coercion or torture, raising ethical questions about the legitimacy of some convictions.

Image Credit: Bluestone Entertainment/Deadline

Speaking to Deadline Director Vanderbilt, who wrote the screenplay, discussed what attracted him to the project: “I learned about the Nuremberg trials in school, so I knew the basic facts. But as soon as I read about the relationship between these two men, I was really attracted to the idea of telling a personal story between them and how they collided at this crossroads in history.”

Russel Crowe also expressed what attracted him to the project saying, “For the most part, the things that attract me are the things that terrify me,” Crowe tells Deadline. “I responded to the script straight away, but in a funny way I was also emotionally exhausted by it. How would you even attempt to play that guy? When that kind of question comes up, that’s usually what I’m attracted to.”

Alongside Crowe and Malek the film has a stellar cast that includes Michael Shannon, Richard E. Grant, John Slattery, Leo Woodall and Colin Hanks.

Nuremberg is still in production and does not have a release date yet. We will keep you updated with further developments.

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