The Iron Claw

‘The Iron Claw’ Zac Efron Faces Family Tragedy In Wrestling Drama

The Von Erich wrestling family dynasty has been plagued by family tragedy.

A24 have released the trailer for their upcoming sports biopic The Iron Claw, it follows wrestler Kevin Von Erich (Zac Efron) and the Von Erich wrestling family who became major wrestling stars during the 70’s & 80’s.

The film had gained previous attention before the release of the trailer when photographs were released revealing Efron and Jeremy Allen White who plays Kevin’s brother Kerry Von Erich, had gained extreme muscle mass for their roles.

the iron claw

The Von Erich’s had been in wrestling for decades, including their father Fritz Von Erich (Holt McCallany). He was a three time world champion, over the years the family had suffered tragedies, with fans calling it the Von Erich Curse.

Efron mentions this in the trailer, it opens with him pacing in ring, his voiceover saying, “Ever since I was a child, people said my family was cursed.” Their father was tough on them, he believed if they were the strongest, nothing would ever hurt them.

The iron claw

The film is written and directed by Sean Durkin, alongside Efron & White it also stars Harris Dickinson as David Von Erich, one of the three brothers, Lily James & Maura Tierney.

The Iron Claw will be released in theaters December 22.

Watch the trailer for The Iron Claw

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