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Venom: The Last Dance Trailer sees Tom Hardy and the Symbiote Take on their Biggest Threat Yet

The Venom 3 trailer teases an alien war!

Tom Hardy is set to return for a final time as Venom, the Marvel anti-hero he has portrayed for the last six years. Hardy reprises his role as journalist Eddie Brock, who merges with an alien symbiote to form the powerful and chaotic Venom. This film marks the concluding chapter of Hardy’s Venom trilogy.

With just a few months remaining until the release of Venom: The Last Dance, Sony Pictures has unveiled the first trailer for the highly anticipated trilogy finale. The trailer sees trouble loom as a significant threat emerges from outer space, presenting the gravest danger Eddie and the symbiote have ever encountered.

venom the last dance
Image Credit: Sony Pictures

Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock last made a brief cameo appearance in the blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way Home. The Venom films have been Sony’s only major successes in their live-action Spider-Man franchise, collectively grossing $1.3 billion at the box office. Most recently, Madame Web proved to be a critical and commercial failure.

Sony is promoting The Last Dance as “the final film in the trilogy.” According to the official synopsis, “Eddie and Venom are on the run. Hunted by both of their worlds and with the net closing in, the duo are forced into a devastating decision that will bring the curtains down on Venom and Eddie’s last dance.”

venom the last dance
Image Credit: Sony Pictures

Alongside Hardy, the cast also includes, Rhys Ifans, Peggy Lu, Stephen Graham, Alanna Ubach, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Juno Temple. The Last Dance is directed by Kelly Marcel from a screenplay she wrote, based on a story by Hardy and Marcel.

Venom: The Last Dance releases in theaters on October 25.

Watch the trailer for ‘Venom: The Last Dance’

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