Amazon Prime Spy Thriller Citadel Lands Tomorrow April 28

Amazon Prime’s New Spy Thriller Lands Tomorrow April 28 Starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas & Richard Madden.

Amazon Prime Video’s big budget spy thriller Citadel starts streaming tomorrow. The first two episodes will be available, with the following four coming weekly.

The series is directed by the Russo Brothers who are coming off spy thriller success with Netflix’s The Gray Man. Amazon have gone all in with this big budget thriller, they have already commissioned a second season and various spin offs that will go into production across different countries as Amazon look to build a franchise that has an audience across various countries and cultures.


Richard Maddens character suffering from amnesia after an accident, finds Priyanka Chopra Jonas believing she is suffering like him. The pair team up to figure out what happened to them and discover they were spies thanks to Stanley Tucci, who informs them all about Citadel. The pair embark on a global mission across exotic locations, whilst engaging slick action, espionage and car chases.


Citadel’s first two episodes will be available on Amazon Prime Video tomorrow.

View the trailer below.

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