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Behind The Scenes Look at Michael Keaton’s Batman Return in ‘The Flash’

Michael Keaton Returns as Tim Burtons Iconic Version of Batman in The Flash

Michael Keaton’s Batman is arguably one of the most iconic superheroes in cinema history, after his starring turn in Tim Burtons Batman & Batman Returns in the 90’s.

He will be pulled out of retirement by Barry Allen in this summers The Flash. Allen realizes that he can travel back in time and he uses this to change the past to save his mother, who was brutally murdered when he was a child. Barry Allen inadvertently changes the future. He seeks Keaton’s Batman to help with the danger posed by the retuning General Zod.

the flash
Warner Bros

In a behind the scenes video released by Warner Bros, a producer talks about how securing the actor’s return was one of the deciding factors that convinced the studio to move forward.

Watch the video below from The Flash official Twitter page.

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