28 years later

Danny Boyle’s 28 Years Later Slated for Summer 2025 Release by Sony

28 Years Later will be the first of a planned trilogy!

Mark your calendars because Sony Pictures has given us a summer 2025 release for Danny Boyle’s return to the cult favorite franchise, with the rage virus returning to the big screen on June 20, 2025.

Boyle makes his directorial comeback with a screenplay penned by Alex Garland. Both Boyle and Garland are taking on producer roles, alongside the original producer Andrew Macdonald and Peter Rice. Additionally, Cillian Murphy serves as an executive producer, but there is still no information as to whether he will make an acting appearance.

Image Credit: Sony Pictures

Those who have been confirmed to grace the screen are Jodie Comer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ralph Fiennes, and Jack O’Connell. This ensemble is set to embark on a journey slated to unfold across a planned trilogy.

Over 20 years ago Boyle directed 28 Days Later a post-apocalyptic horror film. The story follows Jim (Cillian Murphy), a bicycle courier who wakes up from a coma to find London deserted and overrun by a highly contagious virus that turns people into violent, rage-filled zombies. As Jim navigates the desolate city, he joins with a group of survivors, including Selena (Naomie Harris) and Frank (Brendan Gleeson). Together, they struggle to survive and search for sanctuary while facing not only the infected but also the dark side of human nature. The 2002 film grossed $82.7 million globally and spawned a sequel, 2007’s 28 Weeks later.

28 years later
Image Credit: Sony Pictures

Potential plot details are still under wraps, but the end of the last film, 28 Weeks Later, reveals that the infected had escaped the UK. They are seen running out of tunnels into Paris, France. Therefore, it’s quite possible that we could witness a worldwide pandemic.

We will keep you up to date with any further 28 Years Later developments.

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