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‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Will Have “A Lot Of Surprises” Teases Actor Karan Soni

“A Lot of People Traveled to London” – Karan Soni

Securing Hugh Jackman to reprise the role of Wolverine after his previous ‘retirement’ from the character was a tremendous success for Ryan Reynolds. Now, it appears we’re in for a treat with a host of cameos being teased by actor Karan Soni, who plays Dopinder.

Numerous cameos have been rumored, but little has been confirmed except for Jennifer Garner’s return as Elektra in July, as reported by Variety. This marks her return almost two decades since her last appearance.

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In an interview with Variety, Soni revealed that he wasn’t surprised by Jackman’s inclusion in the franchise. He recalled, “When we were making the second one, Ryan was plotting back then, I remember him spilling that at lunch one day that he had started a conversation with Hugh. I remember saying, ‘People are going to flip out!’ Then the studio got sold to Disney and a lot of other stuff happened. But, of course, Ryan followed through because it was dream casting.”

Soni went on to describe his experience of seeing Jackman on set for the first time, stating, “He walks in and you’re just kind of staring at the person and you’re like, ‘OK, this is a movie star.’ He’s very kind, very nice and has such a presence.”

Deadpool & Wolverine
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The trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine only briefly teases Hugh Jackman’s appearance. However, according to Soni, there could be many more shocking appearances. He told Variety, “This new MCU version is ultra-secretive, there are a lot of surprises,” he said, adding, “Let’s just say a lot of people traveled to London.”

The official synopsis for the film was recently released, stating, “Wolverine is recovering from his injuries when he crosses paths with the loudmouth, Deadpool. They team up to defeat a common enemy.”

The above synopsis swiftly replaced the previous version from Marvel Studios Japan, which read, “That fucking irresponsible hero Deadpool will change the history of the MCU with Wolverine!?”

Deadpool & Wolverine
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Bob Iger believes ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ will succeed

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Disney CEO Bob Iger pushed back at suggestions of Marvel fatigue and insisted that they are making significant efforts to revitalize the business. He expressed confidence that Deadpool and Wolverine will be one of the most successful films they’ve had in recent times.

“A lot of people think it’s audience fatigue, it’s not audience fatigue. They want great films. And if you build it great, they will come and there are countless examples of that.” With Iger predicting that Deadpool and Wolverine “will be one of the more successful Marvel movies we’ve had in a long time.”

Deadpool & Wolverine
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In 2024, Deadpool & Wolverine will be the only MCU title gracing theaters. Following that, audiences can anticipate the release of Captain America: Brave New World in February 2025.

Deadpool & Wolverine will be in cinemas worldwide on July 26.

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