Watch New Trailer For Amazon’s Post-Apocalyptic Video Game Adaptation ‘Fallout’

Lawless wastelands await, in life after a nuke!

Amazon Prime Video has released a new trailer for the much-anticipated Fallout adaptation, and the series looks like it’s been worth the wait. The trailer bears a striking resemblance to the games.

The Fallout games are set in a post-apocalyptic alternate history in a world ravaged by nuclear war. The main storyline typically revolves around the protagonist, often referred to as the “Vault Dweller” who navigates the wasteland and encounters various factions, mutated creatures, and other survivors.

Image Credit: Amazon MGM Studios

The series appears to remain faithful to the source material, as we see Ella Purnell’s character, Lucy (the Vault Dweller), emerging from the vault into a desert wasteland. The wasteland is teeming with mutated humans, killer robots, mech suits, and relentless combat, capturing the essence of the Fallout universe.

The new trailer also has more emphasis on Walton Goggins’ Ghoul character, revealing that he wasn’t always a Ghoul. He seems to have been a former Hollywood star, it is set in Los Angeles, who once created promotional videos for VaultTec.

Image Credit: Amazon MGM Studios

In addition, the trailer provides a glimpse of Aaron Moten’s character, a member of the Brotherhood of Steel. It appears that he may contemplate leaving the militaristic group to join forces with Purnell’s Lucy.

Alongside Purnell, Goggins and Moten the series also stars Moises Arias, Johnny Pemberton, Kyle MacLachlan, Xelia Mendes-Jones and Leer Leary.

All 8 episodes of Fallout will premiere on Prime Video on April 11.

Watch the trailer for ‘Fallout’

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