Drive-Away Dolls

‘Drive-Away Dolls’ Trailer Margaret Qualley and Geraldine Viswanathan In Ethan Coen’s Crime Comedy

Drive-Away Dolls is Ethan Coen’s first solo directorial project!

Ethan Coen’s dark comedy, Drive-Away Dolls, has released its second trailer, teasing a closer look into the troubles Margaret Qualley and Geraldine Viswanathan find themselves in, along with revealing Pedro Pascal’s character’s fate.

Coen, who has been making films with his brother Joel for decades, writes and directs, marking this film as his first solo outing. The movie boasts a star-studded cast including Qualley, Viswanathan, Pascal, Beanie Feldstein and an appearance from Matt Damon.

Drive-Away Dolls
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The crime caper follows Jamie, played by Qualley, a free spirit, and her timid friend Marian (Viswanathan) on a road trip. Seeking a fresh start, the pair embarks on an impromptu journey to Tallahassee. However, things take a sharp turn when they encounter a group of inept criminals.

Pascal appears in the film as ‘The Collector’, although his role doesn’t seem to be major, judging from the trailer, which reveals his character’s grim fate.

Drive-Away Dolls
Focus Features

The Coen brothers are taking a break from their collaborative efforts to pursue individual film projects. Joel Coen recently directed his adaptation of Macbeth, a black-and-white version starring Denzel Washington, while Ethan ventures into solo territory with this road trip caper.

Drive-Away Dolls will be released in cinemas February 23 in the US and March 15 in the UK.

Watch the trailer for Drive-Away Dolls

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