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Gal Gadot On Her Future After Wonder Woman 3 Cancellation

Gadot will be an “actress-for-hire” again.

At the end of December 2022 Warner Bros. announced they were no longer moving forward with Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3 as new studio bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran move DC Comics into a new era.

In an interview with Total Film Gadot seems to be content with what the future holds. As she looks to pursue personal projects and be available for other projects she can partner on. One of her latest roles to hit our screens will be in Netflix’s Heart of Stone, Gadot will play an intelligence operative, in the new spy thriller.

Heart of Stone

In her interview with Total Film she says.

To me, starting and developing stories that I’m passionate about is an incredible thing, the fact that I don’t have to sit still at home and just wait for the next offer is something that makes me feel empowered I enjoy doing it, it keeps me alive.

I’m not only going to do my own projects, I’m going to work as an actress-for-hire still. But the fact that I can go ahead and tell the stories that I’m passionate about from ideas that I conceived, or from ideas that I find fascinating from people that want to partner with us it’s an incredible thing.

It’s something that I’m so grateful for and I am definitely going to continue that because it’s worth it. I’m very, very excited and humbly proud.

Gal Gadot can be seen August 11 in Heart of Stone.

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