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Sasha Calle On ‘The Flash’ Being a “Runway To A Bigger Story” For Supergirl

Sasha Calle made her feature film debut as Kara Zor-El in The Flash.

Sasha Calle has expressed her excitement about the future of her role as Supergirl in an interview with Entertainment Tonight she has spoken after her introduction in The Flash as Kara Zor-El.

In our review of The Flash, we speak about how we enjoyed Calle’s performance as Supergirl. But due to Michael Keaton’s return as Batman, it was always going to be hard to steal the show. We would like to see more of her in the future, where she can take center stage.

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Calle also has optimism for the future of her character saying in her interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“I love her so much and I feel her very deeply, I think this movie was a runway to a bigger story for her.” She also commented on her wishes for Kara in the future saying. “I just want to dive deeper into Kara and her feelings into her day to day. I would just love to see her in regular clothes, in human clothes. As a fan, the whole time that I was filming, I kept thinking, ‘What would she wear? What glasses would she wear?’”

the flash
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The Flash sees Barry Allen head into the multiverse where he encounters a younger version of himself, Calle raved about Ezra Millers performance in both these roles saying.

“They did a wonderful job in switching those characters and their personalities are really fun and complimentary of each other, I think people are really gonna love the Barry Allen story in this film.”

The future of Supergirl is still undecided, with James Gunn putting a stop to Henry Cavill’s return as DC are going in a new direction, but for now you can watch Sasha Calle as Supergirl in The Flash it’s currently in theaters.

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