HBO’s ‘Reality’ Sydney Sweeney As Real Life Whistleblower

A Stripped Back Sydney Sweeney Stars as a real-life American intelligence specialist turned whistleblower Reality Winner.

Tina Satter’s directorial debut, full-length docu-drama Reality premieres on HBO May 29. Sydney Sweeney stripped of all glitz and glamour plays former NSA translator Reality Winner who was imprisoned at 25 years old after leaking classified documents to The Intercept about Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election. She was the first person charged by the Trump administration under the Espionage Act.


The trailer shows the NSA translator being surprised at her Augusta home, by two FBI agents who interrogate her after informing her of their search warrant.

Agent Justin C. Garrick (Josh Hamilton) tells her.

“Reality, what if I said that you printed out classified information? That document has made its way outside of NSA and the most likely candidate is you,”

Reality is released May 29 on HBO Max. Check out the Trailer.

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