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‘Iron Man’ Was Offered To Another Actor Before Robert Downey Jr

Kevin Feige says their number one choice turned down the role.

In another world or multiverse Robert Downey Jr may not have been Iron Man. Who could have done it better? He IS Tony Stark and as impossible as it seems, one decision from another actor could have had it all play out very differently.

As reported by Kevin Feige has said, with the stakes incredibly high and the fate of the MCU resting on the actors shoulders they needed “the perfect mix of heart and strength and charisma.”

“When we were casting the role of Iron Man, we looked at so many different actors. We had to find the perfect mix of heart and strength and charisma. Being our first Marvel film out of the gate, the stakes could not have been higher. The success of the film and the future of our entire studio rested on the shoulders of this one person.”

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Marvel Studios

He went on to explain that Marvel extended out their offer to their first choice, British actor and 2000’s action star Clive Owen!

“And it was not an easy task, but together with my team and our casting directors and our director, Jon Favreau, we culled down our list, we pinpointed the right guy, and we extended an offer to our top choice – an actor who checked all of those boxes and who we were confident would be a huge hit. And his name, of course, was Clive Owen. He passed. He was not interested.”

It seems unimaginable to have anyone else play Iron Man, even with multiverse storylines and the previous Tom Cruise rumours. Some people are born for roles and it couldn’t have worked out better.

“And that is the unwritten rule of life. Not getting your first choice might just be the greatest thing that can happen to you. Because you know what’s better than getting your first choice? Getting the right choice. And in our case, of course, that choice was Robert Downey Jr.” Said Feige.

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