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Jennifer Lawrence On ‘No Hard Feelings’ “Everybody Will Be Offended”

The raunchy comedy will offend says Jennifer Lawrence as she proclaims “you’re welcome.”

After becoming a household name as the lead character Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence has had a string of dramatic roles including winning an Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook. She now moves into a new territory in her new raunchy comedy No Hard Feelings.

Lawrence, 32, stars as Maddie an Uber driver who has her car impounded, she responds to an advert ‘Need a car? from two parents who want someone to date their introverted and awkward son Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman) to bring him out of his shell before he leaves for college.

no hard feelings
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In an interview with Sky News Jennifer Lawrence talks about her feelings on these types of comedies saying.

“I think it’s time for just a good old-fashioned laugh, And it really is hard to make a comedy where you’re not offending people. Everybody in some sense will be offended by this film – you’re welcome.”

Lawrence’s co-star Andrew Barth Feldman agrees with her saying.

“We need to be able to engage with being offended, There was and is like a big overcorrect because we realised there were so many things that we were joking about that we shouldn’t be and I think this movie does a really good job of continuing to push limits while still engaging with the conversation that the things that these people are doing are wrong, and not a good idea.”

You can watch/read the full interview here at Sky News.

No Hard Feelings has a limited release today, with a worldwide release this Friday June 23.

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