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Marvel Teases Fantastic Four Movie With Array of New Details

Marvel Studios have officially teased their long awaited Fantastic Four film for the first time, confirming the cast, setting, and more.

As Marvel Studios’ infamous cinematic universe rolls along through “Phase Five”, defined by the recently released The Marvels, as well as Echo, fans have begun to wonder what comes next.  In addition to the heavily anticipated third Deadpool film (a Phase Five release, also), Marvel has officially teased their newest team-up movie, one that will serve not only as the beginning of Phase Six, but of an entirely new string of stories for the vast array heroes and villains involved in the franchise: of course, the title in question is The Fantastic Four.

Aside from adding “the” at the beginning of the film’s official logo (something that somehow hadn’t been done in the three previous films), the reboot will seemingly see a drastic change in setting from the prior adaptations, one that hearkens back to the team’s rich history in classic comic books of old, as well as marks a change in page for a cinematic universe that has seen little variation in timeline or setting. 

The aforementioned title card, released alongside a piece of heavily stylized bit of concept art for Valentine’s Day, presents an older American timeline, which reports, rumors, and detective fans have penned down to the 1960’s.

the fantastic four

Along with an official title and setting, the long-rumored cast for the four has also been confirmed. Pedro Pascal will lead the crew as fan-favorite Reed Richards, sporting the character’s silver-streaked hair and faithful look in the tease. 

Vanessa Kirby will star as Sue Storm; this pick specifically is a dream come true for many fans, as her name has been favored by fans for a long while in hypothetical castings and conversations online. She bears a strong resemblance to her comic book counterpart, and will undoubtedly pair well with Pascal in front-running the group.

Joseph Quinn and Ebon Moss-Bachrach round out the latter half of the squad as Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm (The Thing) respectively, both of whom have received similarly (and overwhelmingly) positive reactions to their casting as the rest of the troupe. Together, this cast of A-list talent make up one of the most exciting groups the superhero scene has seen in a long while, evidenced by the poster garnering 2.4 million views on Twitter (X) alone. 

the fantastic four
Marvel Studios

Directed by Matt Shakman (WandaVision) and co-written by Josh Friedman (Avatar 2-4), the film is slated to release in theaters July 25, 2025. Marvel’s First Family will compete with Superman: Legacy and an untitled Jurassic Park film set to release the same month.

No story details have been released just yet, but now that marketing has officially begun (with filming set to follow this summer) fans can expect that Marvel won’t wait long before providing another update as we get closer to the release date. 

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