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Netflix’s ‘Take Care of Maya’ The True Story Of Maya Kowalski & Her Family

Netflix’s documentary covers the tragic medical case.

Netflix have dropped the new documentary Take Care of Maya, which is about the upsetting medical case of Maya Kowalski and the impact it has caused on her and her family.

The story follows the then 9 year old girl who developed a rare and deliberating condition which caused her unbearable pain, headaches and skin lesions, until she was unable to walk, ultimately confining her to a wheelchair.

The documentary chronicles the families efforts as they go from doctor to doctor as they’re unsuccessful in getting a diagnosis. They have a breakthrough from her mother Beata’s research and they find a doctor who diagnoses her with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

take care of maya

Young Maya Kowalski had to travel to Mexico for treatment as it was unavailable in the US. It was successful and the youngster started to make a full recovery. However one year later the child had a relapse and was admitted to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

The family’s suffering had already been huge, but their nightmare had only just started after the hospitals refusal to accept her diagnosis of CRPS and therefore cut off treatment. After accusations from medical staff and intervention from child services the family are put through hell.

You can watch Take Care of Maya on Netflix.

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