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Simon Pegg Worries About Tom Cruise’s Dangerous Stunts in Mission Impossible

At 60 years old Tom Cruise is still performing death-defying stunts.

Simon pegg has expressed his concern for Tom Cruise’s safety after the 60 year performed his most dangerous stunt to date in Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning.

On the first day of filming Dead Reckoning, Cruise rode off a cliff in HellesyltNorway and then base jumped down, multiple times. The stunt is one of the most dangerous Cruise has performed himself and it has been heavily promoted in the run up to the films release.

mission impossible
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At the Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning premiere in Rome, Simon Pegg discusses with Deadline how dangerous Cruise’s stunts are, and how much he and other cast members worry about losing him when filming these stunts saying.

I’m lucky because Benji just kind of stays behind the computer and he does his thing. Tom is jumping off cliffs on a motorbike, he’s hanging his you know, hanging off trains, it’s genuinely dangerous stuff. There’s always a sense that, you know, one day, something might go wrong we might lose Tom, you know. Anytime there’s a big stunt, we all have that sense of, you know, fear, but he always pulls it off.

Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning releases in theaters July 12.

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