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‘The Creator’ Watch New Trailer A.I. Starts Nuclear War

 Gareth Edwards A.I. War sees humanity on the brink of destruction.

With artificial intelligence regularly in the news nowadays, we are most likely going to see more of these types of films and the latest is The Creator from director Gareth Edwards.

In a world destroyed by nuclear devastation caused by rogue A.I. It stars John David Washington as Joshua a grieving widower and special forces agent hunting down the creator, the being responsible for bringing the killing machines online.

the creator
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The trailer starts with a voice over saying that 10 years ago the Artificial Intelligence invented to protect us detonated a nuclear warhead in Los Angeles. The event causes humanity to reject A.I. and starts a war that leaves humanity on the edge of extinction.

Joshua and his team are on the hunt for a weapon that has been developed that could end the A.I war and save humanity. That weapon is in the form of a child.

John David Washington in The Creator

In an interview with Total Film director Gareth Edwards has explained the timeline of the movie, saying.

The movie begins with a prologue showing the events that have led to the beginning of this film. The nuclear bomb the catastrophe that caused the West to reject AI was in 2055. And then, ‘10 years ago today’ so, that would make it 2065. And the prologue is five years earlier. So, basically, the film begins in 2070.

Edwards is very vague when it comes to the question of who is ‘The Creator’ he continued.

That’s what they’re trying to find out. They don’t know the identity of the Creator. It’s basically the person who created advanced AI. The AI worship this person as a god. America is trying to kill this person and take them out of the equation, and that hopefully will stop the war.

Watch the Trailer for The Creator

Check out the trailer below The Creator is in cinemas September 29.

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