the nun 2

‘The Nun 2’ Watch First Trailer See the Return of The Conjuring’s Demon

Demon Valak…is Back this September!

A terrifying first trailer has been released by Warner Bros for Conjuring Universe film The Nun II. The horror sequel, will see Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) after being traumatised from the events of the first film. She is now living in a convent in Italy but the demon Valak continues its terror.

After the first film was set in 1952, the new story will take place in 1966. Irene will attempt to save her friend Maurice (Jonas Bloquet) from the demon. Storm Reid also joins the cast as one of Irene’s allies.

the nun 2
Warner Bros.

The eight-film Conjuring franchise has grossed over $2 billion to date. After The Nun II the final film in the Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson main story The Conjuring: Last Rites will conclude the series.

You can watch the trailer for The Nun II below, it will hit theaters September 8.

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