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Tom Hardy and Austin Butler’s ‘The Bikeriders’ Will Not Be Released By Disney

Financers will look for a new distributor.

After losing its original release date of December 1st due to the SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike. The Bikeriders has suffered another blow with 20th Century Studios who are owned by Disney now looking to dump the movie altogether.

Reported by Jeff Sneider’s The Insneider one of the films financers are actively looking for a new distributor. They remain “open to all possibilities” and would even consider a streaming release.

20th Century Studios
20th Century Studios

The Bikeriders was removed from Disney’s release schedule last month with the studio being concerned that there is not enough time to market the film, with disruption to actors schedules from the strike, although the strikes are now over, The Bikeriders remains in limbo.

Written and directed by Jeff Nichols. It tells a story inspired by the 1968 photo-book of the same name by Danny Lyon. Lyon rode with and photographed the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club for two years beginning in 1963.

The film follows biker gang leader Johnny (Tom Hardy) as he mentors his potential successor and number two Benny (Austin Butler) as they grow the bikers descend into criminality, violence, prostitution and drug dealing.

the bikeriders
20th Century Studios

While the films fate sits in the balance we hope for a quick resolution, the trailer shows a promising crime drama and with stars like Tom Hardy and Austin Butler we should hopefully be seeing this sooner rather than later.

Watch the trailer for The Bikeriders

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