Watch ‘Argylle’ Trailer Henry Cavill, John Cena and Dua Lipa Are Spies In Matthew Vaughn’s New Action Movie

Did Henry Cavill upset the hairstylist?

Apple Original Films have dropped the trailer for Matthew Vaughn’s spy film Argylle. It will see Henry Cavill as a globetrotting super-spy. The film has a stacked cast that also includes Bryan CranstonBryce Dallas HowardSam RockwellDua Lipa & Samuel L. Jackson.

Up until the trailers release not much information has been available about the film. It was disclosed that the film will be based upon a debut novel of the same name from a first time author called Elly Conway. There is no public knowledge of this author, with suspicions that is was a pseudonym.

Apple Original Films

Now it looks like we were led up the garden path all along, as the trailer reveals ‘Elly Conway’ is a big part of the films plot, she is played by Bryce Dallas Howard.

Howard’s Elly Conway is an author of a series of best-selling espionage novels, and when her novels start to align with real world missions, she herself is dragged into the world of espionage and told she’s a “god damn fortune teller” .

Apple Original Films

The trailer sees Henry Cavill sporting a rather unfortunate haircut, John Cena as his backup and Dua Lipa as a rival faction of some sort, the trailer teases a mix of real world and fantasy spies as Samuel L. Jackson declares that it’s time for Elly to meet “the real, agent Argylle.”

Argylle has a release date of  February 2, 2024, it’s due to have a theatrical release from Universal Pictures and will then stream on Apple TV+ at a later date.

Watch the trailer for Argylle

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