the beekeeper

Watch ‘The Beekeeper’ Trailer Jason Statham Is On A Revenge Mission

Statham plays a mysterious rogue operative.

The Beekeeper is an upcoming action thriller that sees Statham’s character seek revenge against a company behind a phishing scam. He is a former operative of a powerful organisation called ‘Beekeepers.’ They keep the world safe from threats and uncover government corruption.

The trailer sees Statham as a literal Beekeeper, as he tends to the hives of an older woman. When she falls victim to a scam and loses all of her money Statham hands out his usual brutal style of justice upon the con artists.

the beekeeper

Jason Statham has had a busy summer this year appearing in box office hit Meg 2: The Trench and just a few weeks ago appearing in the Expendables 4.

Directed by David Ayer, it features intense shootouts & some smooth hand-to-hand combat scenes. The cast also includes Jeremy Irons, Josh Hutcherson, Minnie Driver and Emmy Raver-Lampman.

the beekeeper

Statham will look to continue his form with The Beekeeper which will be released in theaters January 12 via Sky and Miramax in the UK, with MGM handling the US distributon.

Watch the trailer for The Beekeeper

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