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Will Smith Gives Update On ‘I Am Legend’ Sequel

Will Smith & Michael B. Jordan have ‘Really Solid Ideas’ for the sequel!

Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan remain committed to their plans for an I Am Legend sequel. After months of silence, Smith provided an update on the project during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, confirming that development for I Am Legend 2 is still in progress.

At a special fan screening for Bad Boys: Ride or Die, Smith shared an update on the planned sequel to his 2007 post-apocalyptic thriller, I Am Legend. Smith and Jordan are set to produce and star in the follow-up film.

i am legend
Image Credit: Warner Bros./Village Roadshow Pictures

“We had a couple weeks together about a month ago. I think it’s looking good. [We have some] really solid ideas… I think we’re going to make it on screen together. That dude is the truth, so I would love to do that.”

I Am Legend stars Will Smith as scientist Robert Neville, the last remaining survivor in New York City after a virus transforms the rest of the population into vampire-like creatures. Although the movie’s ending sees Neville die in an explosion, Smith has previously mentioned that the sequel will follow the alternate ending. In this version, Neville is confronted by the intruders but ultimately spared, providing a different path for the story. You can watch the alternate ending below.

i am legend
Image Credit: Warner Bros./Village Roadshow Pictures

No plot details have been disclosed about I Am Legend 2, but Akiva Goldsman, the writer of the original movie, will return to write the script. It’s also uncertain if Alice Braga, who played Anna, a fellow survivor, will return. The original movie ends with Anna reaching a colony of survivors and delivering a cure.

We will keep you up to date with any developments for I Am Legend 2, but for now you can watch the alternate ending below.

I Am Legend alternate ending

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