blue beetle

‘Blue Beetle’ Final Trailer Shows the Power of the Scarab

Blue Beetle comes to the big screen August 18.

DC’s next movie Blue Beetle is their last chance to save their summer at the box office after the disappointing performance of The Flash. The film introduce us for the first time into the DC universe, Jaime Reyes (Xolo Maridueña).

The young college graduate & his family’s lives are turned upside down when he comes in to possession of a piece of alien biotechnology known as ‘the Scarab.’ The Scarab has to choose its host, giving him one of the most impressive suits in the DCU and an arsenal of weapons.

blue beetle
Warner Bros/DC Comics

Hostile forces are in search of the Scarab and they threaten Jaime’s family in an attempt to regain the technology. With the Scarab possessing extraordinary and unpredictable powers, it forever changes his destiny as he becomes ‘Blue Beetle.’

You can watch the final trailer for Blue Beetle below. It comes to theaters August 18.

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