‘Painkiller’ Trailer Netflix Takes on the Opioid Crisis

The Netflix limited series will be streaming from August 10.

Netflix have released the trailer for their new limited series Painkiller. The series looks at the opioid crisis that has swept the US when the Sackler’s & Purdue Pharma produced the powerful drug OxyContin.

The trailer introduces Uzo Aduba’s character Edie who leads the investigation against Purdue Pharma. Matthew Broderick plays Richard Sackler who was the senior executive at the company.


In the trailer Sackler explains how human behaviour runs from pain to pleasure and how they can exploit that saying, “Run from pain, run toward pleasure, if we place ourselves right there, between pain and pleasure, we will never have to worry about money again.” 

The trailer sees Taylor Kitsch’s character struggle with addiction to the pills. The Sackler family pushed OxyContin onto doctors, until it became the No.1 opioid in the country.


The official description of the series from Netflix reads. “A fictionalized telling of events, Painkiller explores some of the origins and aftermath of the opioid crisis in America, highlighting the stories of perpetrators, victims and truth-seekers whose lives are forever altered by the invention of OxyContin.”

You can watch the trailer for Netflix limited series Painkiller below.

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