‘Ferrari’ First Teaser Trailer For Michael Mann’s Enzo Ferrari Biopic

Adam Driver as the motoring icon!

Michael Mann’s racing drama Ferrari finally resolved its distribution problems in July after it was acquired by Neon, after the collapse of its former US distributor STX Entertainment. It will be released in theaters this December. It has also been confirmed that Sky Cinema have picked up streaming rights for the UK.

Enzo Ferrari was an Italian automotive engineer and founder of the renowned sports car manufacturer Ferrari. He had a significant impact on the world of motorsports and high-performance automobiles. Ferrari’s passion for racing led him to establish Scuderia Ferrari in 1929, a racing team that eventually evolved into the Ferrari brand. Throughout his life, Enzo Ferrari was known for his uncompromising dedication to performance, craftsmanship, and innovation in the realm of sports cars and racing.


As well as being a biography of Enzo, the film will look at the prestigious Mille Miglia race and Ferrari’s involvement. Focusing on the final run of the 1,000-mile open-road endurance race in 1957. The race had to be stopped after Ferrari driver Alfonso de Portago’s tire blew and he crashed into the crowd. Tragically, the accident killed nine people, including five children & Portago himself along with his navigator.

The composer has also heaped praise on the films cast. Adam Driver Penélope Cruz star as Enzo and Laura Ferrari. Pemberton said, “Adam’s great. I think Penelope Cruz is amazing in it.”

He also commented on what excites him in the upcoming movie, saying. “I mean, for me, the thing that’s most exciting in the movie is the racing. The racing sequences are phenomenal. They’re just so visceral. It throws you into that fucking crazy world of racing where they’re just basically sitting on rockets and guiding them somewhere with no seatbelts.”


With the success of films such as Ford vs Ferrari, the much anticipated F1 movie from Apple TV & the recent release of Gran Turismo. The appetite for motorsport films is still strong and Ferrari should be no exception.

Watch the trailer for Ferrari

Ferrari will be released in theaters and on selected streaming services this Christmas.

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