‘From’ Season 2 All Episodes Released In The UK

From Season 2 has finally been released in the UK!

While From season 2 started airing new episodes on MGM+ in the US in April, the UK has had to wait as per usual. But as of yesterday episode one has aired on Sky Sci-Fi and all 10 episodes are available on streaming service NOWTV.

From stars Harold Perrineau as the local sheriff of a small town which mysteriously traps anybody who enters. Unable to escape the resident’s have a constant battle to survive the supernatural entities that come after them at night.


In a interview with Variety Harold Perrineau has discussed how the monsters from season one will change, saying.

“The monsters in season 1 are just the beginning. That the horrors are worse. And if there’s something worse than these flesh-devouring, leave-your-face-on-but-eat-your-insides monsters, it’s going to be a creepy couple of years.”

UK viewers can watch all episodes of From Season 2 now.

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