Mia Goth Faces A 1980’s Serial Killer In Ti West’s ‘X/Pearl’ Sequel ‘MaXXXine’

Mia Goth faces off against The Night Stalker!

Mia Goth makes her return to Ti West’s ‘X’ trilogy in the official trailer for A24’s MaXXXine, marking the conclusion of the horror series. Set in the 80s, MaXXXine stars Goth as Maxine Minx, a porn star striving to transition into mainstream Hollywood.

The trailer unveils the film’s neon-lit 1985 setting, where Maxine attempts to transition from the world of porn to Hollywood stardom by landing roles in the latest slasher films. Set approximately six years after the events of X, we witness Minx’s auditions for her breakthrough role, all while a shadowy figure known as The Night Stalker is murdering women in Hollywood.

Image Credit: A24

“I can handle myself,” declares Minx confidently, of course we know she can, as the sole survivor of the bloody events depicted in X. However, as a private detective played by Kevin Bacon ominously warns, “The past ain’t finished with you. It’s going to come knocking on your door.”

The trailer tantalizingly offers a glimpse of the infamous Bates Motel, hinting at its potential in the film’s narrative. Maxine mentions that many famous actors launched their careers in horror movies, sparking speculation that she might find herself entangled in an 80s version of Psycho, blurring the lines between fiction and reality in homage to the Hitchcock thriller.

Image Credit: A24

The film’s official synopsis from A24 reads: “In 1980s Hollywood, adult film star and aspiring actress Maxine Minx finally gets her big break. But as a mysterious killer stalks the starlets of Hollywood, a trail of blood threatens to reveal her sinister past.”

Alongside Goth and Bacon the film has an excellent cast that includes Elizabeth Debicki as movie director Elizabeth Bender, Halsey as Maxine’s friend, Michelle Monaghan, Lily Collins, Bobby Cannavale and Giancarlo Esposito.

MaXXXine is written and directed by West and will be hitting US cinemas on July 5 and is currently set for a UK release August 9.

Watch the trailer for ‘MaXXXine’

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